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Friday, August 26, 2016

New discrovery could transform pest control industry

Pest control could undergo a major transformation following the discovery of a gene responsible for giving insects their waterproof coating.

The coating protects them from microbes and environmental stress.

An international research team, led by Joanne Yew from the University of Hawaii, Mānoa, identified the ‘spidey’ gene (nicknamed after Spiderman) in vinegar flies. The team hopes that with further study they can bridge the gap to pest species.

News reports state that Yew said:
“When we knocked out spidey in adult flies, the flies exhibited several striking features: their life span was shortened by about 50 per cent, they lost almost all of their waxy coating and flies frequently got stuck to the sides of the plastic vials and were unable to free themselves.” 

Vacant property firm Orbis said:
“Infestations are incredibly difficult to avoid and once infected, a building can need multiple treatments." “The ability to remove an insect’s waxy coating could make their control easier and will enhance expert services. This is particularly important news in light of the study Orbis reported on earlier this year, revealing that bed bugs are developing a resistance to insecticides.”

read from source Here

Read same info from Newscientist.com below:

Scientists have discovered a gene that, when inactivated, can give flies super sticky powers. The gene, found in vinegar flies and named spidey, after Spider-Man, is responsible for producing their protective waxy coating – switching it off makes flies extra sticky.

The lipids that make up this waxy layer normally act as a raincoat and protect flies against various exterior elements, including microbes and environmental stress. They also carry information about the age, sex and social status of the carrier.

A team of international scientists led by Yin Ning Chiang of the National University of Singapore found that removing the spidey gene caused the flies to lose their protective lipids, resulting in a dramatically shortened lifespan.

“Loss of the lipids allows substances like food to accumulate on the surfaces of their legs,” says Chiang.

“The flies eventually get completely stuck to surfaces.”

Without the lipid shield, gunk builds up on the flies. The insects then get caught up in this sticky mess as it aggregates and creates a force that sucks them down onto surfaces.

Attractive coat

Many insects rely on their lipid coating not only for survival but also to choose mates of the right species.

“The discovery of this gene could be a very useful tool,” says Tristram Wyatt of the University of Oxford.

“It could help scientists to study the pheromones of fruitflies and further our knowledge of how these chemicals have shaped speciation and evolution.”

The information also could be used for pest control by disrupting insect mating. Because spidey is found in many insect species, researchers think that this finding may prove useful for controlling various disease-bearing insects and agricultural pests through chemical manipulation of the gene to disrupt the animals’ development, lifespan, mating and wall-clinging abilities.

In addition, understanding how the insects’ special lipid raincoat protects them from the outside world could one day help to produce anti-rust, antimicrobial or superhydrophobic surface coatings.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Learn about the latest pest management solutions in Pest Control Summit

SINGAPORE: Members of the public will be able to learn more about the latest pest management solutions at a summit, which is set to showcase some of the latest technologies and new innovations that the pest industry has on offer.

Some of these include an automatic cold fogging machine, environmentally-friendly chemicals to target termites and a 24/7 rodent monitoring system, all of which would be launched at the three-day summit.

Pest Summit 2016, which runs from Aug 18 to 20, is set to raise the professionalism and productivity of local pest control companies.

More than 500 participants from countries in the Asia and Pacific region will be attending the event.

Of the 84 confirmed exhibitors so far, 31 are from Singapore.

Mr Ng Say Kiat, vice president of the Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA), said: "In terms of pest management, Singapore still lags behind, compared to countries in Europe, US and Japan.

They're more advanced.

So, they can bring us new technologies and new techniques, so hopefully we (local pest management firms) can use them and apply them locally."

The second day of the summit will be open to the public for free. SPMA is the organiser of the summit, which is now in its seventh edition.


Why you should never get a pest control quote over the telephone

This is an example of scenario when you get a pest control quote over the telephone....

A lady called a pest company about some bugs she had. He quoted her a price on the phone without knowing what they are. Then he went to the house and identified them as immature cicadas. He said he had to spray around the outside of her house to keep them out.

Didn't work.

She called him back. He sprayed again, blaming it on the rain. Still didn't work.

She called another pest control profesional for advice.

The pest control pro went to her house and all she had were some booklice. Booklice feed on mold and she had some mold issues in her garage which she was going to correct.

What are the lessons here?

If you call a pest company and they give you a price on the phone without seeing what your pest is, call someone else.

That just means they are going to spray no matter what it is.

No doctor, plumber, mechanic, carpenter or any professional will give you a price without knowing what they are getting into.

Second, have them give you the scientific name of the pest once they see it so you can Google it for more information.

If they don't know the scientific name, call someone else.

It is a shame that a so-called professional pest person couldn't tell a book louse from a cicada.

Once a pest is identified, have the company inspect your home and determine how they are getting in, so you can fix that.

If they just want to spray to keep out the pests that is not professional.

If it is determined that pesticides are needed, and that would be rare, ask them for documentation that the pesticides they are going to use are safe. Ask them for copies of the label and Material Data Sheets of the pesticides as well and then read them carefully before they spray.

When you read the label of the pesticide they are going to use, it will say the only time you can spray baseboards is if there is a pest infestation in that area and then you are supposed to spray behind the baseboard, where the bugs can hide.

The same goes for the practice of power spraying around homes. All that does is kill a lot of bugs, some that are beneficial, that may be present, and may even kill some birds and other animals that eat the dead bugs, but it is not professional.

A good perimeter treatment would be for a technician to inspect the perimeter of your home, and if he/she finds any cracks, crevices or other voids where a pest can enter your home, they can treat those areas.

Spraying the ground and a couple of feet up the side of your home is ridiculous.

Besides that, the pesticide will break down fairly quickly in the very hot weather we have had, so it is all show.

A good company will not give you a price on the phone.

They will come out, identify your pest problem and make recommendations based on their inspection of your home.

They will not simply offer to spray baseboards or around the outside on a regular calendar basis.

They can come back periodically and inspect your home and then do what they have to if the problem persists.

Again, if you call a dentist and tell him/her you have a toothache, they will want to see your teeth so they can determine what they have to do.

If you call a mechanic and tell him your car is acting up, he/she will need to see it to determine what needs to be done to fix it.

That is professionalism and that is the way the pest control industry should work and some of them do.

Make sure you call a professional and not a company who gives prices over the phone.

If you need an advice from a profesional certified and licensed Pest Control company, look for Pest Sciences (KL) Sdn Bhd. Call Christopher at 012-411 6818 or Miss Looi at 012-411 6828

Thursday, August 11, 2016

10 strategies for bird control

Following are 10 methods for keeping pest birds at bay in a safe and effective way

1. Bird spikes

Bird spikes provide a physical barrier that prevents birds from landing on surfaces such as rooftop edges, ledges, and windowsills. Spikes come in plastic and stainless steel options—both of which offer constant coverage. They are easy to install, and stop birds from landing and nesting on elevated surface areas.

2. Bird netting

This is a great choice for semi-enclosed spaces and large open areas, like gardens. Bird netting comes in a variety of materials; heavy-duty and lighter options are available. It provides a protective barrier that keeps birds from entering, but allows sunlight in and allows for watering greenery.

3. Ultrasonic bird control devices

These devises play irritating high and low-pitch frequencies that don’t bother humans. Over time, the annoying ultrasonic frequencies make an area uninhabitable for pest birds, and they vacate elsewhere. These low-profile devices can be effective for facilities with high-volume human traffic, because they are silent to most people.

4. Sonic

Sonic devices broadcast bird alarm calls and terrifying predator calls that alert birds that an area is unsafe. To humans, these sonic recordings simply blend in with nature. But, to birds, the sounds are extremely frightening. Similarly to ultrasonic bird control units, these devices condition birds to not return with continued use.

5. Laser

Laser bird control units work by emitting laser beams with constantly changing patterns and colors. The blinding lights work day and night to scare pest birds, while the motion of the beams inhibits acclimation. Birds remain away from the area and are unharmed.

6. Drones

Drones used for bird control are another high-tech pest control method to enter the market. A drone’s threatening physical presence can be combined with sound technology. Recent versions of bird control drones use sonic devices to play recordings of predator noises, and can fly fully autonomously with integrated Google Maps customization. The combination of sight and sound offers a multi-pronged effect for pest bird control.

7. Shock track systems

These systems are a good option as a low profile bird control method. Nearly invisible shock track strips are installed on places like windowsills or ledges, and gently shock birds upon contact, alerting them not to land in the area. Shock track systems are humane, as they do not harm pest birds, but keep them off structures.

8. Liquid taste aversions

Liquid taste aversions cover grass, turf, and foliage, and these products can be sprayed across a large area, providing an extremely cost-effective solution for pest control. Treated surfaces deter birds because they make the area taste unpleasant. Meanwhile, bird gels can be applied to structures and repel birds by creating a sticky, uncomfortable surface that is not suitable for landing. To ensure that plants and other wildlife aren’t affected, non-toxic, biodegradable formulas are preferred.

9. Visual scares and predator decoys

These are user-friendly pest control methods, as they are usually inexpensive and low-maintenance. These visual deterrents alert pest birds that there is a threat in the area and force them to seek refuge elsewhere. The most effective stationary scares use reflective or moving parts. Many predator decoys look like extremely realistic owls, hawks, coyotes, falcons, and alligators.

10. Floating bird balls

These are physical barriers that completely cover a body of water’s surface. They prevent pest water birds, like geese and ducks, from landing and swimming on the water’s surface. Floating bird balls are an eco-friendly approach to pest control because they deter birds while allowing sunlight to enter in order to preserve the water’s ecosystem.

Should you need a profesional solutions for your birds problem at your premises,
Call Christopher at 012-4116818

Friday, June 10, 2016

Tips memberi kesedaran pekerja hotel terhadap kepentingan pest control

Adakah anda terlibat dalam industri perhotelan? atau mungkin anda seorang usahawan yang menceburkan diri dalam industri perhotelan.

Ada banyak hotel budget yang wujud di Malaysia sejak kebelakangan ini. Ini disebabkan permintaan terhadap hotel terutamanya yang berkos rendah semakin menggalakkan, berikutan rakyat Malaysia sekarang aktif mengembara.

Walaupun anda mengendalikan sebuah hotel budget, jangan ingat aspek keselesaan pelanggan tidak perlu diberikan perhatian. Dan salah satu aspek penting yang boleh menjadikan Hotel budget anda menjadi hotel pilihan adalah melalui aktivivi pest conteol.

Jadkan hotel anda bebas serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak untuk memberikan keselesaan maksimum pada pelanggan hotel budget anda.

Berikan kesedaran pest control pada pekerja hotel

Salah satu cara yang boleh anda lakukan untuk pastikan hotel budget anda bebas serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak, adalah dengan memberikan kesedaran terhadap kepentingan pest control pada para pekerja hotel.

Dengan adanya kesedaran dan maklumat yang berguna terhadap kepentingan pest control, para pekerja anda dapat membantu menjadikan hotel budget anda bebas seranggan serangga dan makhluk perosak. Ini juga dapat mengurangkan kos selenggara pest control di hotel budget anda.

Kos rawatan seranggan serangga dan makhluk perosak dapat dikawal jika anda berupaya mengenal pasti masalah lebih awal sebelum ianya terlambat. Sebab itu penting untuk jadikan para pekerja hotel sebagai ajen pencegahan masalah serangga dan makhluk perosak di hotel anda.

Untuk menjayakan usaha tersebut, anda perlu hantar para pekerja mendapatkan latihan asas terhadap aktiviti pest control. Anda juga boleh menghubungi syarikat pest control yang menawarkan latihan asas kepada para pekerja hotel anda untuk memahami aktiviti pest control.

Cuba hubungi Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM) untuk mendapatkan khidmat latihan dan kesedaran terhadap masalah serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak.

Maklumat pest control yang pekerja hotel perlu tahu

Berikut disenaraikan maklumat dan pengetahuan berkenaan serangga dan makhluk perosak yang para pekerja hotel perlu tahu. Anda boleh pastikan semua maklumat ini diberikan oleh syarikat yang bakal memberikan latihan asas pada pekerja hotel anda.

  1. Kenal pasti ciri-ciri serangga dan makhluk perosak yang biasanya mendatangkan masalah - Antaranya adalah seperti tikus, lipas, lalat, burung dan pepijat. Contohnya, untuk mengenali tikus apa yang sedang bermaharajalela di hotel sekarang, anda hanya perlu melihat najis yang ditinggalkannya sahaja.
  2. Kenali biologi asas serangga dan makhluk perosak tersebut - Maklumat biologi serangga dan makhluk perosak memboleh anda kenal pasti masalah yang bakal dicetuskan mereka. Umpamanya gigi tikus yang tidak berhenti membesar, membuatkan tikus perlu sentiasa menggigit dan mengasah giginya. Ini merosakkan banyak perabut dan mampu membuatkan wayar letrik hotel meletup.
  3. Kenali isu utama bila berlaku serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak - Pekerja hotel perlu tahu akibat buruk yang boleh dicetuskan oleh seranga serangga dan makhluk perosak. Ini membuatkan mereka akan jadi lebih serius dan berhati-hati. Umpamanya masalah kesihatan yang mampu dicetuskan oleh lipas. Keracunan  makanan disebabkan e-coli dan salmonella bawaan lipas adalah buruk untuk hotl jika ianya berlaku.
  4. Kenal pasti cara terbaik mengemas dan mencuci hotel - Dengan maklumat ini, pekerja hotel dapat tahu bagaimana cara paling baik membuat house keeping supaya ianya dapat menghalang serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak. Contohnya cara buang sampah yang betul supaya tiada makanan untuk lipas dan tikus dan membuatkan mereka tak datang ke hotel anda. Juga maklumat untuk tutup lubang atau bukaan serta rekahan supaya lipas dan tikus tak merebak.
  5. Kenal pasti pilihan teknik berbeza dalam kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak - Jika pekerja hotel tahu ada berbagai kaedah yang bergantung pada kesesuaian premis dan industri, maka plihan kaedah yang terbaik mampu membuatkan hotel anda menyerlah. Contohnya jangan pasang pembunuh letrik pada kawasan makanan buffet hotel, ini akan menyebabkan bangkai lalat bertaburan masuk dalam makanan bila terkena bakaran letrik. Sebaliknya gunakan perangkap bergam.

Sedarkan pekerja hotel anda sekarang

Dengan memberikan pendedahan terhadap 5 perkara asas yang tersebut di atas, anda dapat menjadikan hotel anda selamat dari serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak. Para pekerja hotel akan menjadi ajen yang faham kedudukan dan kepentingan pest control dan dapat membantu menyelesaikannya dari awal.

Kefahaman itu semua boleh menjimatkan wang dan masa anda dalam usaha untuk kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak. Dapatkan latihan segera untuk pekerja hotel anda sekarang. Jika hotel anda sudah punyai syarikat pest control profesional yang menguruskan pest control di situ, minta syarikat tersebut berikan latihan asas untuk para pekerja anda.

Jika hotel anda masih belum ada syarikat pest control profesional yang menguruskan masalah serangga dan makhluk perosak di situ, anda boleh hubungi Easelife Services Sdn Bhd, sebuah syarikat bertauliah dan berlesen berpengalaman sejak 1998 dalam dunia pest control.

Hubungi En Izam 012-2067357 untuk maklumat lanjut berkenaan tawaran pest control di hotel.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Petani kebun anggur guna 1000 itik kawal serangan makhluk perosak

Petani kebun anggur di Cape Town mendapati penggunaan 1,000 ekor itik untuk kerja-kerja kawalan serangan makhluk perosak di kebun anggurnya amat berkesan.

Penggunaan itik sebagai teknik kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak itu amat mesra alam sekitar dan berjaya menjauhi penggunaan bahan kimia terhadap kebun anggurnya.

Kosnya menggunakan itik sebagai alat kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak mungkin mungkin tidak semurah penggunaan racun dan bahan kimia. Tetapi, memandangkan nilai tidak menggunakan bahan kimia adalah amat berharga sekali, kosnya yang agak tinggi bukanlah satu masalah. malah menjadi satu kelebihan.

Petani tersebut membuat eksperimen menggunakan itik sebagai cara kawalan makhluk perosak yang mesra alam pada tahun 1984. Dia mendapati cara tersebut amat berkesan sehinggalah jumlah penggunaan itik bertambah kepada 1000 ekor. Hasilnya, bahan kimia tidak diperlukan. Kalau perlupun teramatlah minimum sekali.

Anda boleh tonton video bagaimana itik-itik digunakan dalam kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak di bawah:

Dalam satu hari, 1000 ekor itik akan dihalau masuk untuk kerja-kerja kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak di kawasan kebun anggur seluas 100 meter persegi. Makhluk perosak yang disasarkan adalah siput serta telur siput yang merosakkan pokok anggur.

Selain daripada menghapuskan serangan siput dan makhluk perosak lain, itik tersebut membekalkan baja yang baik untuk kebun anggurnya.

Mungkin para petani sawah di negara kita boleh mencuba teknik yang sama dalam usaha membenteras siput gondang yang menyerang sawah padi di negara kita. Manalah tahu kalau-kalau ianya berkesan !

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pest control service contractor - 3 important areas to keep in mind

There are lots of complaints against pest control services nationwide. These included customers who claim they paid for services that were not provided, who found extermination attempts to be ineffective, or who had to deal with companies who hid high cancellation fees.

When looking for a pest control service business or contractor, what should you be doing?

Here are three important areas to keep in mind:


Compare prices. Solicit bids from at least three different pest control companies before making a decision.

Easelife Services Sdn Bhd (Easelife Pest Control) provides a free Request a Quote service to make it easier to gather estimates from local Pest Control Accredited Businesses. Call En Izam 012-2067357 for more info.

You can also go to www.pcam.com.my for a full list of Accredited pest control services in the area.

Get references. Ask family and friends for recommendations from pest control companies they have used.

Beware of companies that offer to give your house a free inspection for pests then pressure you for immediate or costly treatments.


Always hire a qualified pest control company and verify they meet pest control licensing requirements with the Dept. of Agriculture.

Also, find out if the pest control company has liability insurance to cover any damages to your house or furnishings during treatment.

Because pesticides and pest control products can be dangerous to touch or inhale, be sure to ask the company about the safety of the chemicals they use.

Let the company know if you have children, pets or sensitive plants, as that may impact the products they select for your home.


Be sure you fully understand the nature of the pests to be exterminated, the extent of the infestation and the work necessary to solve the problem.

Make sure the contract and all guarantees are clearly stated in writing with details about the service agreement.

Be sure you understand what the company will do if pests continue or come back after treatment.

Got a question for pest control services?

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