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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Govt to declare dengue hot spots as outbreak areas

SHAH ALAM: The government will declare dengue hot spots as outbreak areas if dengue cases continue to rise, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said such a move would give full power to the health minister to implement prevention and control initiatives in accordance to the Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act 1975 (Amendment 2000).

“The residents cannot object and the local authorities cannot stop if the area is declared as an outbreak area because, if it is not addressed, it will bring about a bigger disaster.

“We will enforce this matter seriously and I would like to warn that all enforcement provisions will be used, including imposing compounds listed under the act to address the problem,” he told a media conference after a working inspection in conjunction with the dengue fever prevention campaign at the I-City condominium site at Section 7 here yesterday.

From January to July 17 this year, 50,804 dengue cases were reported nationwide, an increase of 36,222 cases or 248 per cent from only 14,582 cases for the same period last year.

Ninety-four deaths from dengue fever were also reported, a rise of 224 per cent from only 29 deaths during the same period in 2013.

Earlier Muhyiddin, who was accompanied by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam and his deputy, Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya and Deputy Works Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, also made a working visit to Kampung Padang Jawa here, one of the dengue hot spots in Selangor.

On his visit to the kampung, the deputy prime minister said, he had received complaints that the contractors responsible did not clean up the rubbish or solid wastes as often as possible given that the area was densely populated and houses closely located.

He said similar problems occurred in many other areas in Selangor due to the state government’s failure to fully implement the Soil Waste Management and Public Cleanliness Act.

“The state government appoint contractors but the work done was inadequate, so it is my worry that if it is not fully implemented by competent contractors with sufficient equipment, then the current outbreak in Selangor will continue,” he said.

Currently 66 per cent of the dengue outbreak in the country occurred in Selangor. As such, Muhyiddin urged the Selangor government, especially the local authorities, to play their respective roles more seriously to reduce dengue fever cases in the state.

On controlling dengue fever outbreak in constructon sites, he said, his ministry had received feedback from the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) that revealed the level of awareness among the community involved in the construction projects such as project owners, contractors, consultants, project managers and workers were still low.

Citing his inspection at the I-City condominium site, he found that dengue outbreak control in the area was also still low.

Hence, he said, to address the matter CIDB had emphasised that all professional consultants, especially architects and engineers involved in the design, played their roles in ensuring their sites were free from becoming aedes mosquito-breeding areas and to give priority to the safety of the people in the vicinity of the construction areas.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Rentokil Initial Malaysia Launches an Enhanced Online Reporting System to Support Risk Management

Food & beverage manufacturing, industrial & manufacturing, and food related businesses amongst those to benefit from tailored online integrated pest management system (Photo link)

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, July 10, 2014 --(

As the market leader in pest control and hygiene services, Rentokil Initial Malaysia is dedicated to deliver optimal and complete pest protection to minimise the risk of pest activities in various business environment.

For that reason, Rentokil Initial Malaysia recently launched its enhanced online reporting system, myRentokil to support business of all types and sizes from large food and beverage manufacturing giants to SME start-ups. myRentokil will be available within the network of Rentokil worldwide in supporting customers as news markets expand and globalisation increases.

The development of myRentokil works around the requirement necessary for many industries that requires stringent pest management and also the consideration of the user experience and interface. myRentokil is a monitoring tool that offers better traceability for industries requiring stringent food quality control such as the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

Built on a platform with the security level set to high, the system’s online storage is safe and ensures all data stays intact and only viewable by authorised personnel. This helps customer to manage documentation including service records, history and trend reports, safety data sheets, and more.

Its features are innovated to include Real Time Reporting and the Recommendation Management function will support customers by flagging myRentokil user on pest issues detected in the premises. The system is also able to translate multiple groups of data to interactive graph charts and Trend Reports will assist in developing comprehensive analysis for audit and monitoring purposes.

Moreover, it is able to connect multiple business premises under the system into one dashboard for easier view ability with the Multisite Capability function. In return, business operators can monitor pest control activities remotely from their laptops or any other devices and utilise myRentokil as an auxiliary in their supply chain risk management.

Coupled with a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme and a sound partnership, pest control management with myRentokil is made even more effective on top the on-going technical expertise sharing within the Rentokil group.

Ms Carol Lam, Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia said, “We’ve designed myRentokil to complement our tailored IPM solutions; it will enable customers to have better surveillance and ensure our customers get the total pest control solution.

We believe in working together, not just amongst ourselves, but also with our customers as a long-term partner whom they can trust to take care of their essential needs in pest risk management.”

About Rentokil Initial Malaysia

Rentokil Initial is part of an international network of over 60 countries with 27,000 colleagues, more than 100 years of combined experience in pest control and hygiene solutions, with a great track record of providing reliable and trustworthy services to homes and businesses globally.

Established in Malaysia for over 45 years, we are the experts delivering essential services in areas of pest control and hygiene - the foundation of businesses - so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Rentokil Initial is characterised by efficient management that supports a national network across Malaysia. That means there's always a Rentokil Initial service technician nearby when a customer needs us - and that we have the range and depth of resources to provide consistent quality service to customers.

This makes Rentokil Initial a trusted brand of many different customers ranging from residential, SMEs to large organisations.

For more information on our services, please contact:
Rentokil pest control : 1300 886 911

Initial hygiene : 1800 880 388

Media contact:
Nick Tang HD
Marketing Specialist
019 226 6950

Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Pest control haram bunuh 14 ekor kuda

Sebanyak 14 ekor kuda mati disebabkan khidmat pest control haram yang tidak berlesen. Itulah yang berlaku di Myalup, Australia apabila mereka yang tidak berlesen diberikan kerja untui membuat rawatan terhadap serangan serangga dan makhluk perosak.

Seorang pengusaha perkhidmatan pest control diberikan kerja untuk merawat sebuah Silo makanan kuda di sebuah kawasan di sana. Setelah melepaskan gas beracun pada makanan kuda tersebut, pengusaha pest control haram itu memberikan maklumat bahawa makanan sudah boleh digunakan walaupun rawatan atau gas baru saja dikenakan.

Sudah tentu akibatnya adalah sebanyak 14 ekor kuda mati kerana terkena racun berbisa. Setiap rawatan sebegitu terhadap makanan biasanya mengambil masa antara 10 ke 14 hari sebelum kesemua makanan yang dirawat dapat digunakan dengan selamat.

Pengusaha perkhidmatan pest control haram tidak berlesen tersebut dikenakan denda sebanyak $5,000 Aussies sebagai pengajaran kerana mengendalikan kerja-kerja pest control tanpa tauliah dan tidak berlesen. Sumber berita di sini.

Pastikan anda tak guna pest control haram

Kesemua kerja yang dilakukan oleh para pekerja dari syarikat pest control merupakan kerja-kerja terlatih dan merbahaya. Ia melibatkan keselamatan pekerja itu sendiri, keselamatan pengguna lain, keselamatan alam dan haiwan sekeliling.

Oleh itu membiarkan mereka yang tidak terlatih dan tidak bertauliah adalah satu risiko yang tinggi untuk dicuba. Pastikan anda menggunakan perkhidmatan pest control yang berlesen, bertauliah dan terlatih untuk kerja-kerja kawalan serangga perosak di premis anda.

Ramai orang yang mahu jimatkan kos menggunakan khidmat syarikat pest control dengan mengambil khidmat pekerja atau syarikat haram tidak berlesen. Mereka sanggup untuk jimatkan hanya beberapa puluh ringgit semata-mata untuk mengambil risiko tinggi yang merbahaya, jangan jadi begitu. Jagalah dan utamakan keselamatan anda.

Mengesan syarikat Pest control haram di Malaysia

Di negara kita, semua syarikat yang menjalankan kerja-kerja pest control di premis orang lain samada individu atau organisasi perlu punyai lesen. Syarikat pest control bertauliah mestilah ada lesen-lesen berikut:

  1. PCO - Pest control operators
  2. PAL / APAL - Pesticide applicator license / Assistant pesticide applicator license
  3. Lesen menyimpan dan menjual racun serangga dan makhluk perosak.

Oleh itu semaklah syarikat yang anda hubungi untuk pastikan syarikat pest control tersebut ada kesemua kelayakan yang disebutkan diatas. Utamakan keselamatan anda adalah satu pelaburan yang amat berbaloi.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Why pest control is important for commercial building
Tenants have low tolerance for even one pest sighting, a new survey reveals. Pests are a never-ending source of trouble in commercial buildings, according to a new survey that recorded 89% of respondents saying their tenants reported at least one pest sighting in the last year.

The survey, which polled office, building, and facility managers in a wide variety of property types, revealed that nearly half of office tenants will notify the building management after just one pest sighting – and that number shoots up to 83% after a second sighting.

It’s not uncommon to see the occasional pest that slips by the building’s defenses, but the study showed that half of respondents will start looking for a new space after multiple sightings, highlighting the importance of staying on top of pest control.

“These survey results reveal the critical business impact that pest presence can have on a tenant’s perception of a property,” said Patricia Areno, CAE, senior vice president of BOMA International.

“Tenants are saying there’s a very real possibility that they will consider moving office space if pest issues are not resolved quickly and effectively.”

Tenants are also typically kept out of the loop when pest control professionals visit the building. Two-thirds of respondents said they wanted to be part of the visit or at least know in advance when it is happening, but 25% said they were rarely, if ever, notified that a pest control service is visiting.

The study was conducted by Orkin and BOMA International. Source

Friday, July 11, 2014

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Ranger Duo
Salah satu punca pepijat berhijrah dari tempat lain kepada rumah yang anda tinggal sekarang adalah pelalui beg kembara yang anda gunakan ketika bercuti.

Jika anda menginap ketika bercuti di hotel-hotel yang memang dah ada pepijat, maka akan ada pepijat yang melompat masuk dan menyorok di celah-celah lipatan beg atau pakain yang anda simpan dalam beg tersebut. Pepijatpun nak berjalan juga nampaknya!.

Bila anda pulang ke rumah, beg yang dah ditumpang oleh pepijat tadi akan dicampakkan biasanya di dalam bilik utama atau atas katil tempat anda tidur di rumah sebelum mengemasnya.

Akhirnya pepijat itu akan keluar, mencari tempat persembunyian dan mula membiak dan merebak di dalam bilik tidur anda di rumah. Bermulalah satu kisah ngeri dalam hidup anda apabila rumah dah ada banyak pepijat yang kerjanya menghisap darah.

Bagaimana nak halang pepijat merebak masuk ke rumah

Tidak ada cara lain untuk menghalang pepijat dari hotel atau tempat anda menginap ketika bercuti kecuali dengan pastikan tidak ada pepijat yang hidup di celahan beg kembara anda itu. Ertinya anda kena cari jalan untuk membunuhnya.

Membunuh pula bukan setakat hanya pada pepijat dewasa, malah perlu dibunuh pada semua peringkat pepijat, sekali dengan telur pepijat yang sempat ditetas ketika berada di celhan beg kembara anda.

Salah satu cara adalah dengan membasuh beg tersebut dengan air panas agar semua serangga atau makhlk yang tak diingini mati di dalam beg itu. Tapi itu akan merosakkan beg kembara anda.

Teknologi bunuh pepijat pada beg kembara diperkenalkan

Untuk menyelesaikan masalah pepijat yang hinggap pada celahan beg kembara anda, sebuah syarikat yang bernama ThermalStrike telah memperkenalkan berbagai beg yang mampu membunuh pepijat dengan menggunakan teknologi haba.

Mereka juga memperkenalkan peralatan berbentuk kotak yang boleh digunakan dengan memasukkan beg kembara anda ke dalamnya dan rawatan haba berlaku dalam kotak tersebut untuk membunuh pepijat. Selain daripada kotak keras, ThermalStrike juga memperkenalkan alat pemanas berbentuk beg yang boleh dilipat.

Untuk maklumat lanjut berkenaan ThermalStrike, anda boleh lawat website mereka di sini. Nampaknya masalah beg ada pepijat selesai untuk mereka yang banyak berjalan dan menginap di hotel-hotel. Cuma masalahnya tak kan kita nak beli alat pemanas tersebut semata-mata untuk merawat beg kita sahaja selepas bercuti.

Mungkin ada syarikat pest control yang berminat untuk membeli beg rawatan tersebut dan menawarkan rawatan pepijat pada mereka yang baru pulang dari mengembara. Rawat beg kembara anda dulu dari pepijat sebelum pulang ke rumah.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

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An answer to the dengue epidemic
KUALA LUMPUR: A solution might be in sight to combat the dengue menace that has escalated to worrying levels, killing 87 people and infecting nearly 45,000 people up to June, a 246% increase.

And officials who formulated the matter even called it a “game changing” technology that will give hope to not only Malaysians but billions of people around the world. The answer is a larvicide called mousticide.

It has a 100% success rate and is 200 times more powerful than any other larvicide in the market, according to Tunku Naquiyuddin Ja’afar, founder of Entogenex, a biotechnology company which is marketing mousticide.

Entogenex Bhd has come up with a solution to fighting the dengue plague. In collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), it introduced Mousticide to combat the growing concern of dengue-related deaths in Malaysia.

“This innovation, coupled with research and development is 28 years in the making,” said Naquiyuddin. The Mousticide larvicide was field tested in several hotspots in Gombak and Setapak during the dengue-related incidences in 2010 and showed success.

“The trials were 100% successful and dengue in that area was wiped out for five months,” he added saying the trials were even commended by the World Health Organization (WHO) in their reports.

Entogenex’s innovative product was funded by MOSTI under two platforms. They gave RM3.36 million for its techno fund and RM5 million for commercial use. In fact, Entogenex will soon be embarking on a nationwide programme to create a toolkit to fight dengue.

“We will be launching a one year programme called Bebas Denggi very soon where we will distribute the toolkits at various urban centres in Malaysia,” said the Director of Entogenex Martin Francis.

“This game changing technology will be the hope of billions of people around the world who are facing the risk of dengue, malaria and other mosquito-related diseases,” said Francis also referring to the company’s hope to globally distribute Mousticide.

Mousticide is safe for human, animals and plants as it uses only natural occurring ingredients. The larvicide is packaged in two different formats, Mousticide RH and Mousticide WP. “The former is the dry kind, with the active ingredients coated onto rice husks, while the latter is a wettable powder to be used commercially.

Dengue-related cases have gone up 246% with 44,518 cases reported from January until June and 87 deaths from these cases were confirmed this year alone. Francis added that Mousticide RH will be available in retail markets by the end of August.
Source: Free Malaysia Today
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How to select a profesional pest control firm

You may need help from a professional pest control company if some creepers, crawlers or marchers from the outside have found their way into your house. But how to select a professional pest control firm so that you can avoid frustration anda at the same time save your money.

There are big differences in terms of prices and satisfaction ratings of firms by their customers. One thing for sure is that there's no relationship between price and quality. You may find some of the lowest priced pest control firms rated nery high for quality by their customers.

Select a professional pest control firm

Whichever pest control firm you choose, please find below some advice for getting good service at a reasonable price:

  1. Get several inspections and proposals from different pest control firms. For example in termite work, call 3 or 4 pest control firm to come at your house for inspections and proposal. You may find the best proposal from it.
  2. Beware of firms who always try to make easy and fast money. Some firms have been known to recommend treatment when there is no active infestation or serious threat of one. Do not forget to ask each firms to elaborate about alternative treatment strategies.
  3. Avoid long-term contracts. Often a single well-done treatment will do the job. Many firms will offer to provide free re-treatments if needed within a warranty period.
  4. For termites, consider paying each year to have a guarantee extended for a year or two after treatment. After that, if there has been no further evidence of infestation, most people will save by letting the guarantee lapse.
  5. Ask for a "certified pest control applicator" who has successfully completed training and passed a Pesticide Applicator Licensed (PAL) exam. Many firms send out "registered technicians" who are not certified applicators.
  6. Find out what pesticide will be used and be sure that label precautions are followed. Be skeptical about safety claims and insist that safety precautions be followed. Many chemicals that were widely used just 10 years ago are no longer in use because of safety concerns.
  7. Be aware that some chemicals are safer than others. For example, treatment for cockroaches with boric acid may eliminate the need for more dangerous chemicals.
  8. Try using poisonous baits (instead of spray treatments) keeps poisons confined, and can be very effective long-term because many of the bait formulations work by getting the insects to take the poison back to a nest. (In the termite field, however, there are pros and cons of bait systems as compared to the traditional use of insecticide barriers around a structure.
  9. Companies will want you to sign up for regular monthly or quarterly visits for a long as you want protection to continue, at considerable annual cost to you.)
  10. Ask what should be removed from the treatment area, how long the house must be vacant after application, and how long the chemicals will be potent.
  11. To avoid getting pests in the first place, close off cracks and other small points of entry from the outside, reduce or eliminate excess moisture, cut off access to foods, and generally work at better sanitation.

Finally, if you need a professional pest control firm to eliminate your pest problems aroung Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Damansara, please contact Knockout Fumigation Sdn Bhd. Call Izam at 012-2067357

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