Our Philosophy

At Easelife Services Sdn Bhd, we are committed to provide comprehensive, innovative and excellent pest control services which are accordingly designed to suit the specific requirements and satisfaction of our customers. We strongly believe in safety, teamwork, courtesy and continuous improvement, as we develop and strive to be the best regional pest management company.

Why Easelife Services

We work in partnership with customers in providing the best solution of deterring, excluding and eliminating pests. We implement Integrated Pest Management solutions that will cause the least possible environmental impact.

Working Together

Easelife Services Sdn Bhd works together with customer in ways designed to suit the specific requirements. From a small business and private householders to local authorities and leading corporations, you will find our staff are experts in understanding and meeting your needs.

Health and Safety

At Easelife Services Sdn Bhd, health and safety is an important part of our daily activities. This approach benefits us and also creates a host of similar benefits to our customers. The reduction of pest activity is in itself, one step forward towards a safer working environment. Less Pests, means less exposure to potentially dangerous microbes, and less physical damage caused by pests.We have established a Health and Safety commitee to ensure that policy is converted into reality.

Our services

1. Termite Elimination and Control Services - We use Revolutionary Termite Baiting System  or The traditional Liquid Barrier Method which uses a liquid termiticide to creat a chemical barrier around the footing of your property for pre-construction and post construction termite control.

2. Integrated Pest Management Services - We introduce an integrated approach of pest management to keep pests from causing significant problems at the lowest possible cost, with minimum risk or hazard to customers and to desirable components of their environment. This involves sanitation, exclusion, harborage elimination, non-chemical control devices, and utilisation of least-toxic pesticides as control products.

Our 5 steps process

It involves five basic step:

Inspection > Identification > Recommendation > Treatment > Evaluation

Type of services

1. Residential Pest Control Services – Maintain the value of your residence and keep your family safe and healthy.

2. Commercial Pest Control Services – Safeguard your employees and customers. Protect your property from damage and pass government health inspections.

Commercial pest control services

It covers numerous industries, including:

Property Management - Our commercial pest control services include both residential and commercial facilities. Whether you manage apartment buildings, retail space or offices we can effectively control whatever pest problem you may have.

Restaurant - Our thorough inspections can help you pass health inspections and our discrete services insure the comfort of your patrons. We eliminate flying insects, rodents, termites and more.

Hospitals/Nursing Homes - Maintain a pest free environment while caring for the ill and the elderly.

Educational Facilities - We provide safe and pest-free environments in which students can learn. Contact us for our efficient and discrete commercial pest control services for schools, including the use of baits and traps.

Office - Keep employees happy with our pest control services to rid the premises of rodents, and flying pests, including bees, wasps and hornets.

Warehouse and Storage - Keep employee morale high with discrete and effective treatments while maintaining high standards consistent with necessary health and safety regulations.

Food Processing Facilities - Maintain the integrity of your food products using our safe and effective commercial pest control services. We help you to maintain the standards necessary to meet government health inspections.

Our Shah Alam Office

No 53, Jalan Opera U2/K Taman TTDI Jaya 40150 Shah Alam

Tel 03-7832 5727

Call En Izam 012-2067357 if you need more information or free pest evaluation at your premise.


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