Tuesday, August 18, 2009

H1N1 - update latest news

  Christopher       Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Finally the HM is coming to some urgency - 62 deaths and more to come, are coming up with some measures to curb the H1N1. Are we in the state of Emergency!!! or we have to wait till mortality rate of those infected breach 0.4% to declared "Emergency".

Why is it only when deaths is the result, then only actions will be taken? Be pro-active and not re-active.

If the initial measures were taken, screening all passengers irregardless of where they comes from at all entry points into the country, we will not have so many deaths. The H1N1 pandemic might not have spread so fast. The people must also plays their part by not going to the infected countries for holiday.

Controlling the cost of masks is not enough. What about the price of the anti-virus drug that is also escalating. I know of a parent who paid RM270 for one treatment in a private clinic. They were somehow thrown this question by the doctor, "Is your child's life worth RM270"?. What about those who went to the Govt' Clinic and still cannot get the vaccine due to the long queue and they might have to come back the next day.

I had a good humour this morning when I read today paper whereby the doctor and nurses are also not well equipt the the knowledge of A(H1N1) and how it affect it's victims. They are the fore front and if they are ignorance, what do you expect of from the patients.

Awareness program must be also implemented by the Govt. and continuous education and reminding the people with patience until it drums into their ears, heart and soul.

What about disinfection the premise of infected offices or building?


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