Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H1N1 - update latest news

  Christopher       Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Toll reaches 67 with three more death - H1N1. Malaysia has the highest death rate per infestation in Asean countries - 1.66% or 1 in 60. 276 patients nationwide with 36 in the ICU including 21 in the high risk group with 3 children below one year.

So much have been spoken and written both by Govt. and NGOs and lately the call to evaluate on the economic impact caused by H1N1 in the daily news.

I think we should look into what have gone awry and what we have done that does not seem right? Which direction are the govt. heading in mitigating the spread of H1N1?. Implementation of stringent measures at the air port and other point of entries - is it successfully carried out and is there a check and balance?. The awareness of the enforcement officers - are they being briefed properly and instructions followed.

I have a chat with a friend yesterday. He told me in landed in Kuching Airport and was asked to fill in the Health declaration form pertaining to H1N1. Obediently he filled the form and then there is no officer to collect the form and neither is there a box prepared for them to drop in the form. He finally kept the form in his beg and there he is back in KL with the Health declaration form. I believe this is happening in other places too. Could this be one of the things that have not gone right or we are not taking this pandemic seriously.

It is just another sad story to be told.


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