Saturday, August 22, 2009

H1N1 - update latest news

  Christopher       Saturday, August 22, 2009
H1N1 - 380 new cases, Death toll remain 68, Total cases 5,876. (Malaysia)

Total number of people killed worldwide is almost reaching 1800 mark.

This week we see the Govt. is paying a lot of attention was on H1N1. The price of Mask is now under the control items. Hospital must prescribed anti-virus drug to anyone with the symptoms of H1N1 as a directive from Health Ministry. Health Minister Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai also launch the H1N1 prevention campaign to educate the people of protecting themselves from the virus. The minister also said that more banners, posters will be put up to create awareness and that the campaign will also be a nationwide exercise. Bravo to him, but what the sicks are experimenting now at the General Hospital is just unbelievable. They are contradicting what the HM are preaching.

My friend who used to go out in a group and one of them is suspected H1N1 case. A few of them have shown symptoms and was worried, having insomia over the possibility of infected by the virus. She went to Sg. Buloh General Hospital and was told that they don't have test kit and was redirected to Klinik Kesihatan Sg. Buluh. When she goes there, she was turned down with the same reason and was asked to go the SJMC. For you information, her friend had gone to SJMC earlier and they was also given the same excuses and thus redirected to Govt. Hospital? The scenario is like "Hide and Seek" or "Merry go round" and in the end, she asked the doctor, give what ever medication you deem fit for my fever, flu and that is all she gets. Where is sense of urgency and guidelines the hospitals should practice in this critical times?. Is the drug reserved for certain class of people only? Or in reality, they actually are still waiting for the supply "Vaccine" from the Health Ministry?

Dr. K Regesh said in todays news, if you are not feeling well, go to a hospital. With the kind of service my friend received from the hospital, I doubt one would go there. The cause of those death is due to delayed treatment as mentioned in the earlier news by the Minister of Health. I urged the Health Ministry to look into this issue as WHO is anticipating the 2nd wave of H1N1 which could cause certainly cause more cases and more deaths. Moreso, in developing countries where underequipped and underfunded health systems, the spread of H1N1 were accelerate even rapidly.

"We need to be prepared for whatever surprises this capricious new virus delivers next - constant random mutation is the survival mechanism of the microbial world". We also need to prepare for a second or even a third wave of spread as typically seen in past pandemics" Quoted by WHO Chief Magaret Chan.


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