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BASF supports conference of pest management industry

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MANILA, Philippines – The pest control industries in Asia and the Pacific are working together on a collaborative strategy to benefit every stakeholder – pest control operators, suppliers, customers, and ultimately, the planet. The endeavor is in response to the global call for the latest pest management solutions delivered in a cost-effective manner and with the least impact on humans and the environment.
Global chemical company BASF was one of the active collaborators who joined this campaign, launched at the recent 22nd FAOPMA Annual Conference and Exhibit at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The FAOPMA (Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers Associations) was hosted in the Philippines for the second time by local affiliate, the Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines.

This year’s convention theme was “THINK P.E.S.T. (People, Environment, Service, Technology), Let’s talk about... Pest Management in the right perspective.”
The event was attended by hundreds of local and overseas enterprises and professionals. The exhibition featured booths covering companies, application equipment, disinfection products, termite control supplies and more.
BASF’s Pest Control Solutions exhibited a wide selection of pest control products, including liquid termiticides Stedfast or Ceptiva, Siege cockroach gel, Interceptor long lasting insecticidal nets, and Storm rodenticide. These products are both highly effective and cost-efficient and are popular in the local market.
BASF products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Upgreen Corp.
Ansgar Wille, global head of Pest Control Solutions, said his business unit was founded a year ago to provide solutions to pest control and the public health segment.
“Previously, our products were managed alongside crop protection products at BASF. After the formulation of an integration strategy and review process, Pest Control Solutions was established as a dedicated global business unit. It was formed to focus on operations that deal with structures, homes, hospitals, industries, restaurants, hotels, or farms, barns, farm buildings, grain storage, and livestock protection,” Wille explained.

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