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Win the pest war naturally

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More and more gardeners are turning to eco-friendly methods of pest control, says Jean Vernon

Some choose a system of inaction that passes the responsibility for pest control over to the balance of nature and the foraging of predators. Others employ controls based on natural materials. Don’t be taken in by the labelling – just because ingredients are “natural” doesn’t mean they’re not powerful. Insecticides are designed to kill insects and even those deemed to be natural or eco-friendly can be toxic to bees and other beneficial insects.
Remember that for every pest there is a predator, and by killing all the aphids in the garden you are depriving the wild birds of a nutritious, natural feast. Pest control should be a last resort rather than a knee-jerk reaction. Choose your methods wisely and use with respect to ensure that the natural balance is quickly restored.
Protect precious plants using traps, barriers and predators first. When needed, choose contact sprays and apply to the pest directly. Spray on a still day to prevent drift and after dusk when most beneficial insects are not around.
Garlic Wonder, from £5.49
Developed by Aston Horticulture, this range of garlic-based plant tonics naturally protects plants against fungal diseases and pests.
In five formulations, including Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Care, these tonics aim to boost plant growth, producing vigorous healthy plants that are much less prone to attack from insect pests and fungal diseases, and bigger/better fruit with no pesticide residues.
The Garlic Wonder range does not harm bees or pollinating insects and may also help deter rabbits, although a special Rabitoff formulation is available. From £5.49 for a ready-to-use 750ml spray or £9.49 for 500ml concentrate. At The Garden Centre Group or contact Aston Horticulture for stockists (0370 350 6250;
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