Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killing pests carefully

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SUMMER is pest season and mosquito season and so pesticides, from aerosols to mothballs, are common household weapons. Many people also store cool-weather woolen clothing with mothballs to kill moth larvae and repel insects. 

Recent reports about carcinogens in mothballs have frightened many customers and representatives of the pesticide industry recently summoned experts to reassure the public that pesticides are safe if properly used and used to a minimum.All chemical pesticides are toxic to some degree but following directions for usage should ensure safety. Children, elderly people, pregnant women and people who are weak or have asthma should not be exposed.Quite a few effective natural pesticides and repellents are available.Mosquito nets and mosquito blockers with amber lights are effective. Eating raw garlic and food with lots of vitamin B, or taking vitamin B pills, can repel mosquitoes (raw garlic also repels people).

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