Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spiders are nature's best pest control

  Anonyme       Saturday, July 16, 2011
Whether it's part of our DNA or learned behavior, most of us seem naturally afraid of spiders. Even those of us who don't tend to jump on chairs, scream or run from the first sight of the creepy-crawlies are more likely to instinctively kill them versus either capturing and moving them outside or simply just leaving them be.
But very few species are harmful to humans.
And all spiders can be hugely beneficial in your garden or landscape. In fact, they are one of nature's best pest-control agents, feeding on insects, mites, snails and worms.
Many people spend hundreds of dollars a month on pest control services that try to rid their properties of all spiders and insects. Not only is this usually unnecessary, but the chemicals used against the bad bugs also hit the good bugs and can kill thousands of beneficial microorganisms thriving in your soil.
Here's a rundown on the spiders you'll find in California:

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