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Ants Plague East Campus

  Anonyme       Tuesday, January 31, 2012
The ants are marching one by one — right into East Campus Village. The dormitories on campus have been ruthlessly plagued by ants for months now without relief, according to residents. The East Campus dormitories include Rooker, McWhorter, Vandiver and the 1512 building.

Paula Bugg, junior biological science major from Decatur, is a resident in McWhorter Hall, and she and her roommates have been victimized by these pests since November. Arriving home from Thanksgiving Break, Bugg and her roommates noticed several ants in their bathroom.

“It was not a ton at first,” Bugg said. “We put out a work order request and they killed the ants but the next week there were more all over the floor and counters of our bathroom.” Bugg said no food was left out. Her roommates made sure to disinfect the dormitory each night before bed to avoid more ant attacks, but sure enough two days before Christmas vacation an unsuspecting roommate opened the freezer door to an unpleasant surprise.

“There were hundreds of ants in our freezer,” Bugg said. “We put in another request and left for break. There are less now, but there are still ants in my room.” A Rooker Hall resident expressed her discontent about the ant problem as well.

Sarah Dolisca, a junior biochemistry and molecular biology major from Grayson, said despite the fact that she does not have as many ants as Bugg she is still bothered by finding them crawling around in her dormitory.

“We shouldn’t have to worry about insects being in our bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces.” Dolisca said, “Not unless they are paying rent.” Director of the housing department Gerry Kowalski said typically when dealing with the appearance of bugs in a room it has to do with cleanliness and leaving food out. 

“What really is clean and what students perceive as clean may be different,” he said. “Students are advised to take extra precautions when cleaning your kitchens, leaving food off countertops and using airtight containers.”

Kowalski said it is most important for students to report pest problems immediately through the work order system when they occur. Often students may try to get rid of pests themselves and will find they keep coming back, he said.

According to Kowalski, if students put in a work order, the ants will be sprayed and pest control will follow up with students to make sure the problem does not reoccur.

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