Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pest Control India to turn Kanpur zoo rodent-free

  Mohd Shubhi       Tuesday, January 24, 2012
KANPUR: The Kanpur zoo administration has found a piped piper to get rid of rodents. The zoo has entered into agreement with Pest Control India.

The director of Kanpur zoo told Times Of India said that the rodents are disease carriers and often cause loss to feed given to the birds. Rodents have made veterinary hospital as home.

"We trap the rodents and leave outside the zoo premises or else we kill these creature because of huge loss to the animal feed, especially the feed given to the birds. So we decided to enter into an agreement with Pest Control India, which would be doing the job of catching the rodents from the aviary and hospital," the director said.

The staff of Pest Control India would use pellets and cakes to control the rodents. "The exercise would be conducted every two months. This contract has been inked for a period of one year and hopefully, the zoo would become rodent free completely by then," he said while speaking about the contract.

The Pest Control India has adopted the aviary and hospital area of the zoo. They would be offering complimentary services. On Saturday, the zoo director and Pest Control India official signed a contract which would remain into effect for next one year.

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