Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spain to Host Global Pest Conference Next Week

  Anonyme       Tuesday, February 21, 2012

  • In recent years, globalization and climate change have contributed to the re-emergence of species such as bed bugs and other vectors of public health.
  • Recent examples include American cockroaches establishing themselves in Spain, far away from their natural habitat. Also, the tiger mosquito, the Argentinian parrot and the red palm weevil have added themselves to the list of invading species in Spain, representing different kinds of health risk to citizens or to biodiversity.
  • To analyze the impact such plagues and vectors have on public health, on Feb. 23-24 Madrid will host EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2012, A WORLD MEETING ORGANIZED BY THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PEST CONTROL COMPANIES (ANECPLA).
  • The meeting will take place at IFEMA's North Convention Centre in Madrid and will gather experts and researchers of the plague control and environmental health business.
  • ANECPLA is the Spanish association for pest control and health vectors.
  • For more information contact: Esther Martínez del Olmo E-mail: esther@roatan.es (Phone) +34 91 5636780 http://www.anecpla.com/modules.php?mod=portal&file=index

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