Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Cockroach Control Fails in Apartments

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If your service fails to control German cockroaches in an apartment building, it is probably because of one or more of the following mistakes:

  1. Not identifying and treating “focus apartments.” These apartment units have high cockroach populations that keep infesting the units next door, above and below. Focus apartments typically are cluttered, have poor sanitation and refuse regular service.
  2. Not getting into every apartment. Missed apartments often turn into focus apartments.
  3. Not rescheduling problem apartments. When cockroach populations become large, service needs to be repeated every few weeks to succeed.
  4. Not rescheduling missed service. Apartments can’t simply be skipped if tenants aren’t ready or cancel.
  5. Poor cooperation from residents. Cooperation means allowing access, preparing for service as directed, upgrading sanitation and reducing clutter.
  6. Poor cooperation from management. Property management has to cooperate by enforcing residential compliance, providing access (keys and cooperation), reporting problems and correcting structural deficiencies.
  7. Inadequate trash management. Trash chutes, compactors and trash rooms can generate large numbers of cockroaches if not managed properly.
  8. Not applying insecticides effectively. Whether baits, liquids, dusts or other formulations, cockroach insecticides need to be applied in cracks, crevices, voids and other sites where German cockroaches are aggregating.
  9. Not keeping good records. Good record keeping allows you to identify problem areas and forecast trends for better control, and good records support further efforts to ensure resident compliance.
  10. Not providing alternative treatments for ill residents. Often times apartments with ill or infirm residents are simply skipped. These units can turn into focus units without some level of service.

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