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Pest-proofing your homes can be as easy as ABC

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Termite Queen
Homes can be likened to a human body. People spend so much time, money and effort to keep it healthy, sound and well-conditioned. And yet, no matter how hard you try to protect it, a body still gets fatigued and worn down by diseases and illnesses.

Similarly, a house still gets beaten down as well with “unwanted guests” such as termites, rats and other pests, which are, in a tropical country like teh Phipippines, pretty common. Add to these, the poor waste management and disposal system in the country also contributes to the deterioration of houses in the metro.

Peachy Tiu, product manager of leading wood preservative product Solignum, noted that the actual cost of damages brought about by these pesky termites and rodents is unknown, but rough estimates place it at millions.

Termites, more commonly known as “anay” in Philippines "or anai-anai" in Malaysia usually feast on and destroy wooden buildings and structures, while rats will not only potentially destroy anything it gnaws on, but may also pose a major threat to human health as their feces, urine or saliva carry diseases.

To help homeowners get rid of these infestations, Tiu sat down with Inquirer Property to share a few tips to better preserve the quality of homes and furniture, which she said is as easy as ABC.


Tiu stressed that knowing what termites are, the signs of infestations and the necessary preventive measures are critical. She advises homeowners to be “proactive” instead in dealing with these pests through wood preservation on a regular basis.

“We always advise people to make sure to buy good quality wood and treat it with quality wood preservative,” Tiu shares. Solignum, which is being distributed by Jardine Philippines, will prevent attacks from termites, wood borers and fungi as it has combined insecticidal and fungicidal properties, allowing wood to stay free from termite damage for at least five years.


Termites are like cancer cells that slowly destroy the wood from the inside. This is why it is important to create a “barrier” to prevent termite infestation. Tiu says this can be done through the Soilguard odorless soil termiticide, which has Cypermethrin as its active ingredient.

When applied to the perimeter of your home, it creates a lethal barrier against termites, thus preventing them from entering and destroying your home. Choose the right product and treatment. Tiu stresses that the key to keeping homes pest-free is to always go for total termite protection and proper soil treatment.

“Don’t scrimp on the treatment,” she says. Over the years, Jardine has already brought to the Philippines a number of innovative termite solutions that have been proven effective. These include Solignum, Solignum Aerosol, Wood Shield, Soilguard, Hometrek TC and D-Fence.

Meanwhile, homeowners should only keep in mind three basic steps to keep rodents, which could quickly multiply by hundreds, permanently out.

First, houses should be kept squeaky clean and well-maintained at all times as rodents are attracted to garbage and poor sanitation because they can easily find shelter in such conditions.

Second is to watch your surroundings and ensure that rodents will not easily find sources of food and water. Homeowners must make sure that leftover foods are properly stored. “If you can deprive rodents of food, shelter and water then at least you can manage the population of rodents,” Tiu says.

Third is to use an effective rodenticide that will help eradicate them. “Klerat rat and mice killer is the only single feed rodenticide in the market today that is proven in killing both mice and rats in one feeding,” Tiu boasts. Klerat, also distributed by Jardine Philippines, contains second-generation active ingredient called Brodifacoum that is proven in killing rats and mice with less bait. source

The equivalent of rodenticide and termiticides also available in Malaysia under different name but with same active ingredients. Call Pest Sciences at 012-4116818 (Christopher) for more information to control pest at your house.

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