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Tips on How to Combat Pests From Rentokil

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Colm Moore, technical manager, at Rentokil Pest Control tells us how to combat pests within the hotel industry

How to control and spot outbreaks of pests at your hotel “The best way to spot pest outbreaks in hotels is to make sure you and your staff remain vigilant at all times.

For example, the tell-tale signs that rodents are present include smear marks, droppings, smell, damage, ripped food packaging, nests and burrows.

In fact, the best way to avoid a rodent infestation is to be proactive and not let them into the premises in the first place.

This means sealing any holes that are larger than a quarter of an inch (the width of a biro pen), which is big enough for mice to squeeze through.

Rodents will quickly chew through all sorts of materials to create larger openings, so it is important to seal all openings with steel wool and/or cement (not wood, plastic, or expanding foam that they can gnaw through eventually or if they are very determined).

“It’s also important to note that sometimes rodents just walk in through the front door, so don’t give them an incentive to come in.

Where possible, store food and food waste in glass or metal containers. Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards, and keep your rubbish in a strong bin with a lid.”

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