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Why pest control is important for commercial building

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Why pest control is important for commercial building
Tenants have low tolerance for even one pest sighting, a new survey reveals. Pests are a never-ending source of trouble in commercial buildings, according to a new survey that recorded 89% of respondents saying their tenants reported at least one pest sighting in the last year.

The survey, which polled office, building, and facility managers in a wide variety of property types, revealed that nearly half of office tenants will notify the building management after just one pest sighting – and that number shoots up to 83% after a second sighting.

It’s not uncommon to see the occasional pest that slips by the building’s defenses, but the study showed that half of respondents will start looking for a new space after multiple sightings, highlighting the importance of staying on top of pest control.

“These survey results reveal the critical business impact that pest presence can have on a tenant’s perception of a property,” said Patricia Areno, CAE, senior vice president of BOMA International.

“Tenants are saying there’s a very real possibility that they will consider moving office space if pest issues are not resolved quickly and effectively.”

Tenants are also typically kept out of the loop when pest control professionals visit the building. Two-thirds of respondents said they wanted to be part of the visit or at least know in advance when it is happening, but 25% said they were rarely, if ever, notified that a pest control service is visiting.

The study was conducted by Orkin and BOMA International. Source

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