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Dragonflies help control mosquitos

  Mohd Shubhi       Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Dragonflies help control mosquitos

Yes! Dragonflies can be used to control the breeding activities of Mosquitoes. This is something new for most of us. I get this information from here, which stated that Dragonflies help control Mosquitoes in Virginia,

Regina doesn't have an official count of how many dragonflies are in the city, but the manager of forestry, pest control and horticulture is thankful for the healthy population this season.

"They contribute to the elimination of adult mosquitoes and the larvae as well," explained Ray Morgan with the City.

"We don't go out and measure how many dragonflies are in a certain area. But just (by a) visual observation, it's certainly higher than average." 

Morgan expects the high dragonfly population to continue into next year as well due to the extremely high number of mosquitoes.

Regina saw a near-record amount of the insects in mid July. Since then, Morgan says the numbers have decreased but the high rainfall seen the evening of August 8 will bring another spike in the mosquitoes - and dragonflies - again.

Dragonflies aren't the only mosquito control nature offers. Morgan says Purple Martins and bats also help get rid of mosquitoes. However, he pointed out that dragonflies eat both adults and larvae while bats only eat the hatched mosquitoes.

Use dragonflies to control mosquitoes in Malaysia

Do we have studies to look into this natural method of controlling mosquitoes in Malaysia? so far, no reports from any university suggesting this approach to fight against mosquiroes in our country.

May be we should start to look into breeding dragonflies seriously at the areas where population of mosquitoes are high.

The best thing about dragonflies base on the above article is that, dragonflies eat both adults mosquitoes and larvae. By ensuring that numbers of dragonflies increased around Klang River throughout Klang Valley, we can control the number of mosquitoes aroung Selangor and Kuala Lumpur... what say you?


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