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Dengue cases expected to rise

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PUTRAJAYA: Dengue cases are expected to increase following the change in weather conditions from the end of this November.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam said the weather, alternating between wet (rainy) and dry, was conducive for Aedes mosquitoes to breed based on experience in previous years, hence dengue cases might possibly increase.

Dengue cases expected to rise
In light of this, he said, the Health Ministry would be collaborating with the state governments and local authorities in operations and activities of cleaning up open areas and in destroying Aedes breeding grounds.

"Besides that, the ministry and related agencies will also be stepping up cleaning of public places and working with non-governmental organisations in the fight against dengue at the grassroot level.

"The public must also be involved in combating dengue, such as through the search-and-destroy activity on Aedes breeding grounds each week," he said at a news conference, here.

Dr Subramaniam said to help control the dengue outbreak in Selangor, the ministry continued with its outsourcing activities of thermal fogging and ULV (ultra low volume) fogging by the pest control operators, especially in areas like Petaling, Hulu Langat and Gombak, as well as in Kelantan, the period of which had been extended to two months from one.

He said until Sept 27, this year, the number of reported deaths nationwide from dengue had reached 146 compared to 48 over the same period last year.

He added that over that period this year, the number of reported dengue cases nationwide totalled 76,616 cases, an increase of 239 per cent over the 22,602 cases reported the previous year.

Dr Subramaniam also noted 589 localities with dengue cases with Selangor having the most number at 340, followed by Kelantan (153), Johor (22), Sarawak (17), Penang (14), Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (13), Pahang (11), Melaka (five), Terengganu and Perak (four each), Perlis (three), Negeri Sembilan (two) and Sabah (one).

Of the 157 dengue hot spots reported nationwide, 98 are in Kelantan, 56 in Selangor and one each in Melaka, Pahang and Penang. – source

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