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First step towards pest free food outlets

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When we have a pest free food outlets, we can ensure ourself eating at a safe place. There are two important things to be done in order to have a pest free food outlets:

  1. Maintain a high standard of cleanliness - This is the most important factor to be implemented.
  2. Hire a profesional pest control company - To complete the effort of pest eradication by implementing a Integrated Pest Management program.

But unfortunately, our food outlets operators always take the issues of cleanliness for granted. Even thought they hire the best pest control service providers in town to cater their pest problems, they are just wasting their time and effort.
First step towards pest free food outlets

Therefor, the move by Klang Municipal Council calling public to boycott dirty eateries in Klang is a first step towards a pest free in food outlets.

Read below report from The Star on this issues:

Public urged to boycott dirty eateries

IN A BID to raise awareness on cleanliness, the Klang Municipal Council has called on the public to stay away from dirty eateries. Council president Datuk Mohammad Yaacob said it was high time for the public to boycott unhygienic food outlets.

Mohammad said many operators had failed to improve the cleanliness in their premises and the public should not patronise these outlets. Mohammad said he was dissapointed with the cleanliness standard of most of the food outlets in the royal town.

He said a majority of the outlets were rated ‘B’ and ‘C’ by the council’s Health Department and it was a true reflection of the overall cleanliness standards. “Almost half of the eateries obtain ‘C’s while only a small number scored ‘A’s.

“I am surprised to find that some of the most popular outlets in town were given ‘C’ ratings,” he said . Mohammad added that many of these outlets seemed to be packed with customers in spite of the cleanliness levels.

“Customers should stop patronising such outlets so that the operators will realise that they have to improve the cleanliness level of their premises. “We should not only look for good food but ensure the premises are clean,” he said.

On its part, Mohammad said, the council would continue with its enforcement action against the dirty eateries.

Meanwhile, three new councillors, Azmizam Zamanhuri, Nor Ain Eusoff and Sundarajoo, were sworn into the council. Azmizam is appointed to the finance and assessment, infrastructure and public amneties, licensing and entrepreneur development committees.

Nor Ain will serve on the licensing and entrepreneur development, housing and illegal building management, audit and corporate management committees. Sundarajoo is appointed to the finance and assessment, infrasture and public amnenties and health, environment and community.

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