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Growing demand for organic fertilizer, pest-control products in Kozhikode

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The recent resurgence in organic farming seems to have given sales of organic fertilizers and pest control prescriptions a huge boost in the market.

Different city-based groups and collectives engaged in promoting organic farming and marketing organic products including vegetables and fruits testify to this trend.

Besides other channels, the recently launched, NABARD-funded exclusive outlet for locally cultivated organic vegetables under Niravu Vengeri, a progressive residential forum here, sees a ‘growing demand’ for a variety of organic fertilizers and pest-control solutions it deals in.

Some of its fertilizers like Jeevamritham, which is a mixture of cow-urine, cow-dung, jaggery and cowpea-flour and Veppenna Layani, made of Neem-oil and soap-water have a huge demand that sometimes it is sold out.

These fertilizers and pest-control solutions are made by the member residents of the forum bringing a steady income to them.

“We prepare them during our free time and with the help of other members in the family,” says Priya Mohandas, a resident of Niravu.

Besides different fertilizer compounds, products such as dried cow-dung, raw cow-urine and neem-cake-powder also are sold at the outlet.

“Around half-a-dozen families are engaged in the preparation of these products at Niravu,” says Babu Parambath, coordinator of special projects for the residential forum.

According to him, demand for their products is several times higher than what they can deliver. 

Demand for organic fertilizers is high with increasing awareness about organic farming, says M.P. RajulKumar, president of Green View, a collective of organic farmers from Kozhikode.

Green view, which conducts periodic sale of vegetable saplings, seeds and other related products in the city and its suburbs, has also been witnessing high demand for organic fertilizers and pest-control solutions at its fairs.

“There used to be a huge demand for dried cow-dung, Chakirichoru (coconut husk powder) and Neem cake,” says Mr. Rajulkumar.

“We had also circulated a booklet on how to easily prepare different organic pest control solutions at one’s homes during the fairs,” he says.

Those who would like to know more about the preparation and availability of organic fertilizers and pest controls can call Ph: 9447276177. Source

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