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Dead Rat Found In Porridge Buffet Dishes

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Dead Rat Found In Porridge Buffet Dishes
This is a news taken from our neighbor country, Singapore. It is reported that a whole rat was found in a restaurant called Hot Pot Culture, in one of its vegetable dishes from a porridge buffet.

The National Environment Authority (NEA) has suspended the restaurant immediately after a report has been made.

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A dead rat was found in one of the dishes at a porridge buffet at Hot Pot Culture at Marina Square leaving customers disgusted.

The shocking discovery was made by a customer, Caron Chan who found a rats tail in a vegetable dish there.

Ms Chan then scooped up the whole area to find out what the chunk of meat was and was shocked to find a whole rat.

When she reported the incident to the staff, the staff didn’t seem that disturbed and casually came over and told another staff member to serve a new batch while apologising to Ms Chan. The staff member didn’t seem that concerned about those who had already ate the dish.

Ms Chan and her colleagues were allowed to leave without paying but the table beside who had already ate the dish was still asked to pay.

A complaint has already been lodged with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Ms Chan shared the images on her facebook.

Media queries made by Yahoo! the next day revealed that the manager was unaware of the incident. The manager on duty explained that she was told the dish was not fresh so they replaced it.

Read Another news from Yahoo here.

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