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Continuous hot warm season give rise to dengue cases

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Continuous hot warm season give rise to dengue cases
PETALING JAYA: A continuous hot and warm season would give rise to dengue cases as it is the perfect condition for mosquito-breeding, warn health experts.

Dr Muhamad Hazizi Muhamad Hasani, who is the Malaysian Integrated Medical Professionals Association (Mimpa) operations director, said there were several factors that contributed to the rise of dengue.

He said a prolonged hot season, coupled with a few rainy days, allowed more mosquitoes to breed at stagnant water areas.

“With such conditions, they can breed and become more active. They can even fly twice further,” he said yesterday.

He said cooperation from the public was ­needed to combat the rise of dengue as the authorities embarked on several efforts to contain its spread.

“When the authorities carry out fogging, many are not cooperative. Some won’t allow officers to carry out fogging inside their house as they think it will damage their furniture and they do not like the smell,” he said.

Dr A. Mahesh, who is the Dengue 1 Stop Centre (DISC) director, said there were reasons why the problem escalated. Authorities had beefed up measures and even gone to the ground to monitor the situation, he said.

“We cannot keep blaming the ministry or the local authorities. The public must also help.

“They have to take the initiative to clean their houses and make sure that there is no place for the mosquitoes to breed.

“Outdoor Residual Spray was introduced to control the breeding of mosquitoes and these are among the initiatives that are currently taking place,” he said.

Mimpa president Dr S. Dhesi Baha Raja said the lackadaisical attitude among the people was one of the main factors contributing to the dengue problem.

“It involves cleanliness of the surroundings and the environment, and local authorities must make sure the drainage and garbage systems are properly taken care of,” he said.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the public should be responsible. 

“Cultivate civic consciousness to prevent the spread of dengue.

“We must ensure our environment is clean.

“If people took cleanliness seriously and inculcate it in their lives, I think we can control the spread of any disease, especially dengue,” he told reporters after visiting residential flats in Taman Taming Jaya, Balakong, Cheras.

source: Thestaronline

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