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Ask pest control company to put things in writing

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Since a recent column I wrote on the dangers of pesticides, some folks have contacted me and said their pest control company claims their pesticides are safe.

That may be the case if they are using products like EcoSmart or Greenbug, both of which are natural and are not synthetic pyrethroids.

If they are using a synthetic pyrethroid, then they are not safe.

Here is what I recommend doing.

If they stand by their statement that their pesticides are safe, that is good. Have them sign an affirmation about that where they will claim the products are safe, and they will assume financial liability for any health problems that are caused by the pesticides.

If they agree to sign it, then it is probably true that the pesticides are natural and not synthetic pyrethroids.

If they refuse to sign it and accept responsibility, do not let them spray anything in your home or around the outside.

Here is a copy of an affirmation as I see it. You can redo it anyway you want and even have an attorney look at it for you if you have any doubts. Word the affirmation, something like this:

I, representative, who represents pest control company name, affirm that any pesticides we use are absolutely safe for all family members, including pets.

If this is a business, we affirm that the pesticides are safe for all employees and clients, including those with chemical sensitivities.

If anyone or a pet gets sick from the pesticides, my company and I will assume full financial responsibility for all medical or veterinary costs.

This includes medical conditions that may develop long after the application of the pesticide.

This affirmation also overrides any documentation in a pest control contract that prohibits the client from suing the company. 

We will also provide a copy of the label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of any pesticides we use in or around your home or in your business. 

Company Applicator License No:
Technician Operator License No:

I predict a lot of companies are going to get away from the potentially dangerous synthetic pyrethroids, carbamates and organophosphates and start using safe and effective products like EcoSmart, Greenbug and others.

If you missed the column on the pesticide study, in brief it said that researchers put together data from 16 studies that compared pesticide exposure between children who developed leukemia or lymphoma and those who did not The report studied the levels of pesticides and herbicides used inside of homes and outside.

The link to the report is:

The conclusion of the study was that children who were exposed to insecticides inside of buildings were 47% more likely to have leukemia and 43% more likely to have lymphoma.

The study says that childhood cancers have been in the rise year by year and that pesticide exposure is a reason.

It also says that pesticide exposure can also increase the risk of other types of cancer, including prostate and bladder cancers.

The pesticides may take longer to develop in some people causing cancer years after their exposure. 

It is vitally important that we do not expose our children to any synthetic pesticides, no matter who says they are safe.

Some folks will say if they are used according to the label, they are safe. This study refutes that and pesticides should never be used in schools, day care centers, homes or anywhere children are present and they should never be used in any commercial establishments who have customers that will unknowingly be exposed to the pesticides.

There are safe and effective methods of controlling pests. Pesticides are nothing more than weapons of mass destruction.

Also, any agencies, government or private, that spray neighborhoods for mosquitoes using synthetic pyrethroids should be asked to sign the same kind of affirmation that their mosquito spraying won’t hurt anyone and if it does, they (the agency) will be financially responsible for all medical bills.

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