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Helping Malaysians breathe easy

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AIMING to provide a healthy and comfortable environment to households, Sharp has introduced its unique Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier and Mite Catcher to improve the well-being of Malaysian families.

“We believe in creating unique products that will contribute towards healthier living and the advancement of the society as a whole.

“As a sales and service company, Sharp-Roxy aims to have products that meet Malaysian needs at the correct price point, with hassle-free after-sales service,” said Sharp-Roxy Sales and Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd (SRSSC) managing director Takaya Wakasumi.

Sharp’s Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier comes at just the right time to combat both the haze and the rise in dengue cases.

Equipped with Sharp’s air-purifying Plasmacluster Ion technology, the device suppresses the activity of airborne viruses and mould while effectively removing dust and tiny particles, especially PM2.5. 

Designed for South-East Asia, the haze mode function reduces toxic substances by smoke pollution. While the air purifier does its job, it also catches mosquitoes with its carefully-designed mechanisms based on extensive studies and rigorous tests conducted in collaboration with Institute for Medical Research Malaysia (IMR).

“Working with IMR enables us to learn about mosquito habits and behaviour. “The product draws mosquitoes in with its black body, and the UV light attracts them into the narrow ‘entrance’ where the airflow and suction of the air purifier help to seal the mosquitoes onto the glue sheet,” said SRSSC A-Force Team marketing manager Faizal Chew Abdullah.

“The narrow shape of the air inlet ‘entrance’ was designed based on the narrow spaces where mosquitoes like to hide in,” he added.

Compared to insect repellents, the mechanisms of the product are made of non-toxic materials and are suitable for households with young children. 

The product comes with a pack of replaceable three-layer glue sheet, which each sheet can last up to at least a month, making it hassle-free with its disposal structure.

Meanwhile, research by Sharp discovered that 4,000 dust mites existed in only 3g of dust taken from a mattress while a local study found that every house in Malaysia contained dust mites.

“Dust mites feed on skin cells shed by us, and are known to cause asthma and allergy.

“In countries with tropical climates such as Malaysia, the temperature and humidity are ideal for the rapid multiplication of dust mites in all household,” said SRSSC marketing executive Sharon Tan. 

“By clinging strongly onto fabric with their clawed legs, it is nearly impossible to remove them by normal vacuuming,” she added.

As such, Sharp’s Mite Catcher is designed to remove dust mites through heat and powerful suction. 

The warm air causes dust mites to release their grip and the cyclone air flow produces a powerful suction that kills 99% of mites while removing unpleasant odours with Plasmacluster Ion.

The Mite Catcher will be available from November.

Source: The star online

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