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Perniagaan rugi £1.7 Billion setahun akibat serangga dan makhluk perosak

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Jika anda merupakan pemilik kepada sesebuah perniagaan di Malaysia ini, berita berkenaan kerugian disebabkan oleh serangga dan makhluk perosak mungkin dapat membantu anda membuat keputusan terhadap kepentingan kawalan serangga dan makhluk perosak terhadap premis perniagaan anda.

Tahukah anda bahawa industri perniagaan di Britain kerugian sebanyak £1.7 Billion pada tahun 2014 disebabkan oleh serangga dan makhluk perosak?

Jumlah kerugian yang disebabkan oleh serangga dan makhluk perosak boleh bibahagikan dalam dua perkara berikut:

  1. Hilang peluang pendapatan sebanyak £1.2 billion
  2. Peningkatan kos sebanyak £573 juta

Kedua-duanya adalah hasil daripada masalah yang dicetuskan oleh serangga dan makhluk perosak dalam industri perniagaan di Britain.

Anggaran tersebut dikeluarkan oleh sebuah syarikat Pest Control terkenal antarabangsa, Rentokil yang berpusat di United Kingdom.

Kajian yang dijalankan oleh Perunding Ekonomi CEBR untuk Rentokil itu berdasarkan bancian yang dilakukan terhadap 212 syarikat yang berpusat di negara Britain.

Kajian berkisar ke arah untuk membuat anggaran berapakah kos kerugian yang diakibatkan oleh gangguan serangga dan makhluk perosak ke atas industri perniagaan di seluruh dunia.

Untuk mendapatkan laporan lanjut berkenaan berita kerugian akibat serangga dan makhluk perosak, anda boleh membaca laporannya pada artikel yang dilampirkan di bawah ini:

Pests cost businesses £1.7bn a year - says pest control company 

For a nation that famously loves its animals, we really don’t like animals. If it’s in a commercial context and it’s not cute then there’s sure to be trouble (when was the last time you heard anyone say ‘aw, look at that wasp, it’s just adorable’?).

There’s little more likely to deter a repeat purchase, after all, than a juicy fly in your soup or a pestilent rat hibernating in the towel you just so thoughtfully bought for your mother’s birthday. 

Infestations by these and other nasties cost British businesses an estimated £1.2bn in lost revenue and a further £573m in increased costs in 2014, according to new research released today – by leading pest control company Rentokil.

The report, conducted for Rentokil by economics consultancy the CEBR, surveyed 212 British companies (not exactly the broadest sample we've ever seen) as part of an effort to estimate worldwide losses from pests.

A whopping 92% said they’d experienced at least one pest infestation over the past five years, with the average being three such outbreaks. The negative impact was heaviest on staff morale, with 33% of surveyed firms experiencing this problem.

Unsurprising really – a plague of locusts afflicting the IT department isn’t going to make the guy explaining why your password isn’t working any more cheerful, is it?

There were more tangible effects too.

One in five reported physical damage to goods, while 18% had to increase maintenance and repair costs and 26% lost at least five working days a year from the disruption.

That isn’t to mention the reputational damage. Clearly, the impact will depend on the kind of business being spoken to.

Restaurants, hotels and food warehouses will obviously be particularly vulnerable to such threats. Actuaries not so much. A total of 42% of the firms surveyed were in the food business, whether public facing or not.

The research found that food businesses were less likely to have been affected (or to have admitted as much) by mice, rats and ants, but more likely to have fallen victim to cockroaches and flies. Yuck...

The reason that food firms did perhaps surprisingly well in Rentokil’s report (they also experienced shorter periods of disruption from outbreaks) is because they tend to be far more proactive than non-food businesses, for obvious reasons.

Nonetheless, the issue appears to affect all sectors in one way or another.

Coincidentally, Rentokil was able to suggest a handy solution to this rather disgusting problem...

‘In the digital age, one negative review or bad employee experience can potentially be seen or read by thousands of people, so it’s more important than ever to keep pests at bay,’ said Rentokil Pest Control’s Head of Technical Training Academy David Cross.

‘There are simple, practical steps that all businesses and workplaces can take to discourage pest activity, but in the event of a serious problem it’s always best to call in the professionals.’

Ah. What a convenient point to end on.

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