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The hotel business is easily damaged and affected by pest outbreaks.

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If you are running a hotel business, this below article is just for you. Please read and may be after reading, your perception towards pest control importance in improving your business will change.


Hotel Businesses and Reputations Are Damaged in 3 Ways by Pests According to Reynolds Pest Management, Inc.

Miami, FL, October 10, 2015 --( In a recent survey through STR, in April 2015 the hotel industry has encountered the highest demand of rooms ever noted.

Over 99.4 million people in April have occupied a hotel room. The increase of hotel occupancy and traveling among individuals increases the amount of pest exposures.

The fastest way pests travel is through travelers and hotel room stays. Pests encountered typically through traveling are roaches. bed bugs, and fleas.

These pests are capable of hitching a ride with those traveling in luggage. Ants are very common however it is rare to have this pest hide in luggage or on clothing. They seek immediate food sources and return to their colony.

The hotel industry is always in high demand. In order to keep your business strong, keep pest sightings and encounters to a minimum by routine pest control services.

Through the recent study by Customer Service: Business Results: “A survey of customer service from mid-sized companies, Dimensional Review” in April 2013, 39% of consumers avoid businesses where they encountered pests for up to 2 years!

Bed bugs are the pest that will hurt the hotel the most

After a single bed bug reporting the hotel immediately decreases in value by nearly $10 a night per room.

This is based off a survey from “UK Research: Bed Bugs 'Bite' the Wallet of Hotel Owners.”

Pest outbreaks can lead to litigation fees

For example a hotel in Vermont was sued by a customer for a bed bug outbreak and was due to pay $20,000 to that customer.

To avoid these costs, hotel businesses should be aware of the surroundings within each room in the hotel.

Maintaining pest control services is the best way to prevent any litigation costs and loss of business. 

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc works with many local businesses in Florida helping to avoid any cases of pest outbreaks.

The company highly recommends management to take pests seriously not just for the sake of the businesses success but for the health risks caused by specific pests.

It is evident Florida is a high traffic state with millions of visitors each year. The demand for hotel rooms is higher than most states. The need for pest control is excessive.


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