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Why you should use termite baiting system to eliminate termite

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Many pest control companies now are offering termite baits as a method of termite prevention and control. But what is termite baiting ? How it works ?...

The Baiting Concept

Termite baiting system capitalize on the natural behavior of termites. As social insects termites share their food in a process known as 'trophallaxis'. This traits allow teh termites to feed, travel back to their nest, and share before taking effect.

The key to this concept is the use of a system that attracts termites to a readily accessible feeding station containing a suitable bait matrix that is then carried back to the nest.

In time, the slow acting toxicant will have reduced the numbers to a level that can no longer maintain the colony, which ultimately falls "sick" and dies.

Why Baits ?

Conventional termiticides treatments often involve the drilling and pumping of large volumes of chemical into the soil with a variety of associated side effects including disturbance and even property damage.

In comparison, termite baiting is an environmentally friendly way of treating termites infestations, using a very small amount of a specific chemical in a non-disruptive low hazard application.

Baits are ideal for all situations, even those sensitive to insecticide use.

How Does Baiting Works?

The Termite Baiting System includes both Above Ground (AG) and In Ground (IG) components that utilize cartridges containing a bait matrix specially designed to maximize termite acceptance.

Bait cartridges contain the latest insect growth regulator (IGR) which provides fast eradication of subterranean termite infestations.

It is easy to handle and install, works without having to drill and is environmental friendly.

The baits attracts termites to the bait stations to feed even when there is a plentiful supply of alternative foodstuff in the area.

The slow acting IGR within bait is then taken back to the nest and spread throughout the colony before taking effect. This allows the bait to reach even the queen and the king. In other word, Bait target the heart of the colony.

Bait offers a professional looking and cleaner, non-messy formulation that is easy to install, service and monitor.

Benefits of Baiting System

  • Faster action
  • Fuss-free installation
  • No drilling and pumping of chemicals in the home
  • Environmentally sound
  • Unobtrusive bait station design
  • Unique, highly attractive compressed cellulose formulation
If you need to know further on our termite baiting syetem to eradicate your termite problem, please call Mr Christopher 012-4116818 or Miss Looi 012-4116828


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