Saturday, September 17, 2016

Traders at Perak UTC concerned about pest problem at the centre’s food court

  Anonyme       Saturday, September 17, 2016
A GROUP of traders operating in the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) are concerned about cleanliness at the centre’s food court – a place they used to frequent daily for meals until a few months ago.

The traders claim they often spot baby cockroaches scurrying around certain food stalls when they visit the food court, while the stall owners pretend to take no notice of the pests. A trader who wanted to be known only as Nina, 38, claimed she was shocked to see roaches the first few times it happened, but now she only keep quiet about it because it makes no difference.

“When we told the stall owners about it, they would only respond by saying ‘Ya kah? ’ or ‘Tak boleh nak buat apa-apa.’

“They don’t look the least bit concerned about it. They also told me that they can’t use pesticides because they don’t want to use such dangerous chemicals near the plates and food ingredients,” she told MetroPerak.

Nina said she is uncomfortable with the idea of confronting the stall owners in the event that it could lead to an argument.

“I operate here every day, and I still have to see these people (stall owners) on a daily basis so I didn’t want to fight with them. “All I can do is to buy food elsewhere now instead of coming here to eat every day like I used to,” she said.

Another trader Nor Fazi Mohamad, 29, claims that she feels the owners of the roach-infested stalls had a “tidak boleh ditegur (cannot be reprimanded)” attitude.

“I know that if we don’t speak up to them, things will just remain the same, but I don’t think they will do anything about it even if we do speak up. “It’s been months. And sometimes it’s not only one or two of the food stalls. Sometimes in one of the drink stalls I can detect the smell of cockroaches from the straws after buying a drink,” she claimed, adding that the cups looked dirty and unwashed as well.

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